Attend a Kai Method Seminar and you will develop 50 new ideas that will improve your bottom line and help you outthink the competition®.

Kai Method was developed by author and business strategist Kaihan Krippendorff to provide a standardized approach for crafting innovative strategies and real-world solutions. It blends cognitive science, military theory, Eastern philosophy, and modern business strategy in a practical application. Unlock your internal innovation and become a more innovative business strategist now!


Monday, May 4, 2009 / 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Columbia University Alfred Lerner Hall
2920 Broadway / 5th floor, Room 555
New York, NY 10027


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Here is what participants are saying about Kai Method Seminars:

"I can't believe I generated as many strategic ideas as I did, and more importantly that many were great ideas I would never have thought of without the methodology."

"This seminar was a great experience. I can now see how my contributions during meetings in my company will be of a completely different caliber. I can see myself pushing the strategic thinking in my company in a way that I wasn't able to do before this seminar."

"I can't believe I learned so much in just one day. I always have lots of ideas but have difficulty organizing them in my head. I feel like I am now equipped not only with a method to come up with more ideas, but also with a way to organize them and select the few I really intend to implement. Having acquired this new mental habit is very valuable."

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